Digital April: The Wrong Mind Edition

by The Wrong Mind



These are unreleased tracks from an album that essentially doesn't exist. At least it didn't exist until now. This is the evolution of The Wrong Mind: starting from one person years back, to it's current state of a group effort. Let's see where it goes from here. We'll consider it a platform to express the brokenness and depravity of the human soul. But somehow we find a reason to go on, and find inspiration to move forward. Thanks for being a part of it all.


released May 20, 2013

All songs by Jesse Sprinkle: (except "I've finally found what i'm looking for" written by Matthew Schwartz)
Jesse Sprinkle: guitars, drums, piano, percussion, vocals
Dorian Gray: vocals/verses
Aaron Hall: violin
James Wright: bass guitar



all rights reserved


Jesse Sprinkle Rochester, New York

Jesse Sprinkle's career has touched nearly every genre. He began as a drummer with the Seattle-area rock band Poor Old Lu in 1993. Since then, he's toured through rap, heavy metal, and acoustic rock on solo projects and on bands like Dead Poetic, Demon Hunter, and Morella's Forest.

Jesse's music mostly falls on the melancholy side of beauty, with surprising splashes of cheerfulness.
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Track Name: The Wrong Mind - The Twisted Veil
"It's that voice behind the quiet,
it's that choice you make in silence,
the sight beyond the eyelids."
Track Name: Fire and Flame
A newer vision of a season though it's not my home. The steps of the frozen one. The sole decision to be living in a world unknown, with fire and flame.
Track Name: The Wrong Mind - Grasp On To Grief
"I couldn't get past the blame, i said that i'd already seen her, sittin' in the back parallel to your dark feature. And with this you best pray for rain."
Track Name: Pacifico (featuring The Wrong Mind) - I've Finally Found What I'm Looking For
"So if i am right let me know. And if i am wrong, tell me so. Cuz i have the right to know."
Track Name: Jesse Sprinkle and The Wrong Mind - The Return of Steel Buildings (All 4 U)
"Sleepwalking to destinations dim. She's responding with nothing but a grin. Your correction has failed, steel buildings and casket sales remind me who i was."
Track Name: Jesse Sprinkle (featuring The Resonance) - The Horror
"The one thing you love you can't become, it's who you are."
"The gun you provoke ignites the bitter flame of want."
Track Name: The Wrong Mind - A Darker Hour
As the rumors find their destiny. And the shattered signs of apathy, come spreading through the cracks upon the wall. There's a river flowing next to me, and a wicked fire is beckoning. And the summer hides its lightning from the fall."
Track Name: The Wrong Mind - The Canvas II (I'm Ready For You)
"The stained lockets, drips from the faucets, the astronauts from Philly to go to Houston for their rockets. Treading block by block i'll stay just where the fight goes. On second thought i feel courageous for my typos."
Track Name: The Wrong Mind - Bound To Break (again)
"On a visual intrinsic intellectual state, the mind's eye can only split between the tools and the dead weight."
Track Name: The Wrong Mind - The Tightrope Edition
"Now there's no room in this house of glass. Midnight marauders stripped the place for every trace of cash. As titans clash, the roofs collapse. I'm just another filthy waste of space. Now how you like that?"
Track Name: The Wrong Mind - Tip Of The Matchstick
"Step right up and see the freak show!!!!!!!"
Track Name: The Wrong Mind - A Fair Fight
"Twist the wrist of imaginary bliss, we settle this, without a bullet or a conscious."
Track Name: The Wrong Mind - This Is Where We Die
It controls and pollutes and rebukes what was truth, while corrupting the youth. Every day smells of tragedy. Every grave is the end of me, fallacy a new wave of symmetry........................ In the cold of night a million souls will cry. At last the ransom passed away.