Digital April: Volume 2

by Jesse Sprinkle



A walk through the last several years in the life of Jesse Sprinkle: new songs, remixes, b-sides, etc........ Sentiment and sorrow, beauty and brutality, love and confusion. Thanks for joining me in the journey.


released May 20, 2013



all rights reserved


Jesse Sprinkle Rochester, New York

Jesse Sprinkle's career has touched nearly every genre. He began as a drummer with the Seattle-area rock band Poor Old Lu in 1993. Since then, he's toured through rap, heavy metal, and acoustic rock on solo projects and on bands like Dead Poetic, Demon Hunter, and Morella's Forest.

Jesse's music mostly falls on the melancholy side of beauty, with surprising splashes of cheerfulness.
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Track Name: The Execution
"The fire water streaming through your anger, and can a soul be saved? Desire offers seasons of dismay for anyone who craves."
Track Name: Lights Of June
"This guilt within is what i've been in the August light. It's paper thin, but it won't begin, until we really die."
Track Name: In The Eyes Of A Friend
"The grace of the ember, burning through the afterlife. The coldest December, a season of grief. A face you'd remember, appearing as love might find. As lie blind, to angels passing by."
Track Name: The Rust and Betrayal
"Black as night, in the ocean. Give me life, or precious agony. Denied, what time has frozen. In the sky, the spirit's after me............"
Track Name: Only Inside
"In the fullness of life, where the angels abide, and loneliness has no hold on the longest gaze of your wondrous face........... You'll find me there."
Track Name: 4 Is The Number Today
"Another way to holler, quarters in a doller, brothers with Mark Wahlberg, 2 plus 2 makes..................."
Track Name: Color Of The First Light (the director's cut)
My mind all a blur, when i was with you. My heart it is stirred, as i watch this vessel fail. Speak to me is something wrong? I've fallen by the wayside holding on to what you bring. As the future slowly draws, the color of the first light. And all i can do is dream."
Track Name: One Hundred Ways
"Cry oh heart! Awaken to your own. Why are some, taken home?"
Track Name: From The Sun
"To the un-defiled and aching child, born to walk this lonely mile a stone by stone. Let me reconcile you near to me, as everyone will surely bleed, but none alone."
Track Name: Brave Soul
"You brave soul, you're like a story with no end. As fate told, for you know that i'm coming back again."
Track Name: The Long Way Home
"Who's the enemy, the better luck right? And fools think gravity is sinking them."
Track Name: For The Weary And Faint Of Heart (the clock tower edition)
"Stepping off that burning sidewalk, it's close enough to haunt your fears. And with a kiss like early life brought, you'll rest assured it's something near.................. And you'll never know just how i feel."